Alfa Romeo 146 Towbars

Alfa 146 Tow Bars

The Alfa Romeo 146 is a small family car produced by the Italian automobile manufacturer. It is a 3 door hatchback which was launch in 1994 at the Turin Motor Show, the vehicle is built with reasonable pulling power. All Alfa Romeo and then The Alfa Romeo 145 and 146 both share design plans and interior components, which is why they’re usually grouped together because of the similarities. The towing capacity of this vehicle in 1300kg, when towing a caravan only 85% of the available towing weight is recommended, but check the ‘Alfa Romeo car maintenance manual’ before committing to purchasing a caravan because of this, the 85% rule is recommended to ensure that the outfit will be stable when travelling. We offer Bosal tow bars for the Alfa Romeo 145, the most popular one is our fixed flange and from there it is easier to come to a decision. The engine size for the Alpha Romeo is 1772 cc and it is a 5 speed manual car.

PF Jones can offer to fit your tow bar, or you can take a try at DIY, we have a team of technical support customers and we are always happy to help when needed.

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