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Dodge Caliber Towbars

Dodge Caliber Towbar

The Dodge is a tall car with a high ground clearance. The Dodge Caliber is a vehicle which it is evident a lot of thought has been put into it to design it so that it would be individual in its styling and appeal to a different audience. The idea behind the Caliber is to be a car that drives like a truck and stands out, it is described as a crossover which means it combines the appearance of a family hatch with the practicality and styling of an off-roader, however in reality the vehicle falls just short of the aim and very short of expectations of car enthusiasts who were awaiting the launch of this vehicle only to find out it had the low towing capacity of just over 1100kg. Despite looking like a car that could be caught driving off-road, the Caliber is actually only a two-wheel drive which makes the ground clearance essentially useless, and it actually affects handling negatively. The steering is unresponsive and this is not helped by the poor body control. The Dodge Caliber does prove itself by the space available for families within the cabin, it offers comfort on long journeys and is known for its reliability. To have a towbar fitted to your Dodge Caliber contact PF Jones and utilise our nationwide fitting service.

USD $ 280.31 USD $ 123.33

Bumper Cuts:  No

Bypass Required:  No

Towing Weight Kg:  1500

Nose Weight Kg:  84

USD $ 495.98

Detachable Type:  Automatic Horizontal

Bumper Cuts:  No

Bypass Required:  No

Towing Weight Kg:  1200

Nose Weight Kg:  80

USD $ 264.30

Bumper Cuts:  No

Bypass Required:  No

Towing Weight Kg:  1400

Nose Weight Kg:  75