Swarfega® Van Cradle Starter Pack - SVC01SP

Swarfega® Van Cradle Starter Pack - SVC01SP

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Swarfega® Van Cradle Starter Pack - SVC01SP

3 Step skincare system to protect.cleanse & sanitise the skin; ideal for situations where no running water is available
Occupational dermatitis is the most prevalent industrial disease in the uk, and is estimated to result in the loss of some 4 million working days a year. The mobile professional, often absent of base and washing facilities will be without access to the skincare products required to protect their skin throughout the day. The Swarfega Van Cradle is an ideal solution, offering a proven 3 step skin safety solution, ideal for vans, work cabins and mobile workstations. At a mere 305mm wide by 260mm high and 94mm deep it can be installed into areas with very limited space.

  • Step 1: Protect, an antibacterial pre work and reconditioning cream for outdoor workers (CRC340 700ml )
  • Step 2: Cleanse, Use the smooth lime cream handcleaner which can be used without water if not available (CRH36V 750ml))
  • Step 3: Sanitise, a alcohol gel based instant skin sanitiser for the rapid disinfection of the hands of outdoor workers (CRA360 750ml)


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