Fiat Ducato Van 2006 Onwards Westfalia Detachable Towbar

Technical Specifications

Electrics Coding :
Not Required
Ball Type:
Detachable Type:
Automatic Vertical
Bumper Cuts :
Non Visible
Bypass Required :
Towing Weight Kg :
Nose Weight Kg :

Fiat Ducato Van 2006 Onwards Westfalia Detachable Towbar

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Fiat Ducato Van 2006 Onwards Westfalia Detachable Towbar

For vehicles with long superstructure L4/XL please order separately a set distance tubes to strengthen the framework, no. 906270650003.

Some vehicles 03/08- do not have chassis holes. In this case it is necessary to drill them subsequently

Vertical detachable tow bar demonstration video

fiat ducato van 2006 onwards tow bar demo.

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More info on types of tow bars here

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easy fit no problems.
item perfect,fast shipping
Tow bar was very good quality as expected with Westfalia. Fitted perfectly with no hassle.
Perfect fit nicely made and welded not cheaply made well painted good hardware
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What is the actual weight in kg of this tow bar

Asked by Paulillman  | 31/05/2016, 12:40 | 1 answer(s)

please can you tell me the size of the ball mount. I want to know if it will be compatible with a bike rack which requires a 50mm ball mount? It will be used for an autotrail Vline 620 motorhome and I am told by the dealer that a standard fiat ducato panel van towbar will be ok. Thank you

Asked by Christine Bowgett  | 20/02/2016, 02:38 | 1 answer(s)