Eberspacher Hydronic Heater Servicing

Service consists of:

The heater is fully stripped down and inspected.The heat exchanger and burner are bead blasted to remove all traces of carbon and old gaskets. The heater is then rebuilt with new genuine Eberspacher gaskets and seals and fully bench tested to ensure it is working correctly. When this is complete and providing the unit passes all the tests it is repackaged and returned back to you.  If we find a fault with your heater or see a part which needs replacing which is not covered in the service we will contact you and report our findings so you can advise us how you wish to proceed.

 Heater Service Price List


 Eberspacher Hydronic Model

 12 Volt Code

 24 Volt Code

 Service Price

Eberspacher D4WSC 252257 N/A £195.00
Eberspacher D5WSC 252219 252147 £195.00
Eberspacher D5WZ 252216 N/A £195.00
Eberspacher Hydronic M8 252470 252471 £195.00 
Eberspacher Hydronic M10
252434 252435 £195.00
Eberspacher Hydronic M12
252472 252473 £195.00

 All prices include vat, service kit, and carriage back to you.

All servicing work is carried out by Eberspacher trained technichians and all parts used are genuine Eberspacher items and come with a 12 month warranty.