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Eberspacher Servicing

Eberspacher Servicing Eberspacher Repair


We are Eberspächer trained, and part of the approved Eberspacher servicing nationwide network ,

We offer a full factory service, including all metal internal parts being sandblasted clean,  for all eberpsacher heaters at our workshop in Manchester. Parts can either be sent via post or dropped at any one of our 3 depots.

All makes of diesel heater require regular servicing, (Check Eberspachers recommended service schedule) to correctly ensure reliable operation. Our Eberspacher servicing is done to Eberspacher standards,  to ensure that your heaters give best performance. We are an approved Eberspacher agent check here.

A full service can only be performed in a workshop equipped with the correct tools and machinery to clean the interior of the heater and service moving parts.

With over 3000 eberspacher parts in stock all ready for next day delivery. Should you need any eberspacher parts they are already in stock. We only use parts supplied direct from Eberspacher.

  •  Note heater serial number and part number.
  •  Connect heater diagnostic unit, log any faults in memory (if applicable).
  •  Remove glow plug/glow pin, inspect for carbon build-up or damage, clean and/or replace as necessary (if applicable).
  •  Inspect ignition electrodes, clean if necessary (if applicable).
  •  Inspect condition of fuel nozzle, report findings (if applicable).
  • Inspect condition of photo-cell clean and refit (if applicable).
  • Check electrical connections external to the heater, including main fuse for corrosion. Report findings.
  • Check security of electrical main power connections.
  • Check security of heater, tighten fasteners as required.
  • Check heater box or enclosure for damage or water ingress, report findings (if applicable)
  • Check all fuel lines are secure and connections are properly made.
  • Check operation of fuel stop cock if fitted.
  • Check the fuel metering pump for corrosion, report findings.
  • Apply waterproof grease to fuel metering pump electrical terminals and check that correct rubber boots are fitted (if applicable).
  • Remove filter from fuel metering pump and replace with new (if applicable).
  • Replace inline fuel filter (if applicable).
  • Check exhaust for corrosion and security, report findings.
  • Check that all exhaust joints are secure and leak free, seal joints as necessary.
  • Check for blocked or damaged combustion air tube, report findings.
  • Inspect intake and outlet grills for blockages and ensure that intake fan is not restricted (air heaters only).
  • Check for blocked or damaged ducting, report findings (air heaters only).
  • Check water pump for damage or leaks (water heaters only).
  • Check for blocked or damaged water pipes, report findings (water heaters only).
  • Check security of all hose clamps, tighten as required (water Heaters only).
  • Check that all water pipe joints are free from leaks, report findings (water heaters only).
  • Check operation of fan matrix units if installed, if applicable (water heaters only).
  • Check level of coolant in header tank and that the anti-freeze mix is correct, report findings (water heaters only).
  • Apply protective spray to all exposed electrics.
  • Test fire heater and check for correct operation through all operating modes.
  • Inspect control device for adjustment and operation.
  • Check that air solenoid valve operates correctly (if applicable).
  • Check exhaust colour as a guide to carbon build-up, report findings.
  • With heater operating, check fuel lines for leaks, report findings.
  • Switch off heater and check for correct purge cycle.
  • Connect heater diagnostic unit, clear all faults from heater memory (if applicable.)
  • Remove heater outer cover.
  • Check all sensors for signs of corrosion, report findings.
  • Check that all the electrical connections under the cover are securely made.
  • Split burner from heat exchanger, de-coke the inside of the heat exchanger.
  • Reassemble heater.
  • Check fuel metering pump for the correct delivery of fuel.
  • Check motor speed through all operating modes (if applicable).

Returning a Eberspacher heater for servicing

  • Label Eberspacher heater with your name and telephone number. PLEASE DO CHECK THIS
  • Only send parts to be serviced. (Typically, main heater body, control box and fuel metering pump)
  • Enclose letter with description of any faults and your details.  Call to get assigned a support ticket.  0161 872  4755
  • Ensure heater is packed correctly in a suitable heavy duty box with packing.
  • Check our store locator page and simply arrange a drop and  collect