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Eberspacher Combitronic

The Eberspacher Combitronic delivers the water heating functionality of the Eberspacher Hydronic and the air heating functionality of the Eberspacher Airtronic and has been developed using the latest technology to provide a complete heating solution for the motorhome owner.

Combining performance with innovation, the Combitronic sets new standards for heat-up times of the accommodation and domestic hot water.

The unique and flexible mounting allows a variety of interior installation options. This maximises vehicle design options, while significantly increasing storage space.

The Combitronic is a duel fuel system that can operate on either diesel fuel from the vehicles own tank, 230v mains hook-up, or a combination of both.


Standard Features

  • Electronic speed control with gentle adjustment, low noise and low power consumption.
  • High capacity domestic hot water storage.
  • Continuous monitoring.
  • Diagnostic system.
  • Low maintenance, easy to service.
  • Can be operated whilst on the move.
  • Diesel fuelled from the vehicle's own tank.
  • Impressive 3.5kW / 5kW heat output using diesel fuel.
  • Mains immersion heater.
  • Fast warm-up and hot water recovery time.
  • Low fuel consumption.

Additional Features for Deluxe Version

  • Additional 1.5kW heat output using 230v.
  • Automatic frost protection.
  • Economy / Night time mode.
  • Timer and alarm function.
  • Digital control interface.
  • On-screen temperature display.