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The Jaguar S-Type is a executive car range that was released in 1999. It began as a four door notchback saloon range with understated looks which grew popular with buyers. The sophisticated design of the vehicle assisted the range in becoming a known luxury model. The range is available with an array of petrol options and one diesel engine to choose from, yet it is the diesel that is a driver favourite. This diesel engine is the 2.7 litre V6 diesel motor that delivers class leading ride quality. In all, the Jaguar S-Type is a playful and efficient range that is known for its luxurious quality and high end engineering.

Jaguar S-Type Diesel Fuel Pumps

Jaguar S-Type Diesel Fuel Pumps

Diesel Fuel Pumps for every make of Jaguar, Jaguar diesel pumps shipped worldwide. Save yourself £100s by using our parts exchange service, send us your broke Jaguar Diesel Fuel Pump and we will send you a repaired pump, All repairs are to the diesel fuel pump manufacturers factory standards