More and more people are commuting to work thanks to the convenience of public transport and efficient cycle lanes located in and around cities. Whether you are travelling by train, bus, bike or walking, there are various travel accessories you’ll find you may need for your commute. If you’re a cycling enthusiast, then you probably enjoy spending your weekends traveling with your bikes on the cycle carrier and are already aware of what accessories you need for travelling the road. But if you simply cycle to and from work then it’s possible you are unaware of the different accessories available that can make your journey that much easier. And so, here are 5 accessories to help make your daily commute easier.


1. Backpack

A universal accessory, backpacks are available for every occasion and there are a selection that are designed specifically for commuters. For cyclists, there are cycling rucksacks that come in various designs catered to both male and female cyclists, so you can chose a design personalised to you. If you aren’t cycling as part of your commute, then there are other suitable bags out there that you may find useful. Laptop bags in particular offer more space for multiple belongings such as; chargers, water bottles, tupperware, extra clothes and a book or two. More than enough room for all the commuting essentials you need to get through your journey.


2. Clothing

As the weather is so unpredictable, it’s always best to prepare for every possibility. Even if it is sunny when you set off in the morning, by the time you are ready to travel home it could be pouring down with rain. A lightweight waterproof jacket has dual purposes that serve to protect you against the rain and sun. For example, the lightweight material of the jacket will help keep you cool during warm weather and protect your skin against the suns rays, whereas the waterproof features will keep your skin dry and prevent any uncomfortability that comes with being wet. As for the convertible pants, these are mostly used by office workers who need suitable clothing for work hours but can adapt to commuting conditions. For instance, if it is cold in the morning but then warmer in the evening, the pants can unzip so that they transform into shorts that are lightweight and suitable for cycling on a bike.


3. Lights

This is a must have accessory regardless of whether you are cycling, walking or taking public transport as part of your commute. Visible lights are not only useful for seeing clearly when it starts to get darker but increase your safety when travelling the roads. If you are cycling then invest in some front and rear bike lights so that cars can see you on the road and aren’t caught unaware at the last minute. You can even wear a helmet light so that the road in front of you is clear and you can cycle safely knowing what is ahead. Also, purchasing a high vis jacket or even clothing with reflective components is important to have when you are walking in the dark. Even if you are only walking on pavements or designated walking areas, its better to be safe than sorry by letting cars know you are there.


4. Tools

This accessory is catered more towards cyclists as per the equipment needed. You never know what may happen during your travels, so it is a good idea to be prepared for every possible scenario. With this in mind, pack a pump in your bag in case anything goes wrong like a punctured or low wheel tire. Being prepared means that you have a quick way to fix the problem and continue on with your commute. Having a lock for your bike is essential in keeping it safe and secure when it isn’t with your person. Cycling to and from work means that during office hours you need to keep your bike safe somewhere. Look into getting a bike lock that you can carry in your bag and use to secure your bike so that it will be there waiting when you are ready to start your commute home.


5. Headphones

Although it is not recommended that you use headphones when cycling on the roads as you need to make sure you aware of your surroundings, they are useful for other means of commuting. Listening to music will help your bus or train journey go quicker and keep you occupied during traffic or long journeys. Similarly with audiobooks, these will keep you entertained on your travels. Some people find audiobooks to be easier than reading actual books on public transport. Plus, headphones allow you to listen to audiobooks when on the move and not just when you’re sat down on a bus or train, so you can listen to your read while walking.



Commuting in any form requires accessories that help make the journey easier and lessen the strain of travelling for long periods or in confined spaces. There are various accessories available designed to help keep you safe, entertained and protected during your travels. Whether it is with a backpack, suitable clothing or headphones, know what it is that you need to help make commuting easier for you.