5m (Straight) 16 Amp Type 2 to Type 1 EV Charging Cable

5m (Straight) 16 Amp Type 2 to Type 1 EV Charging Cable

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5m (Straight) 16 Amp Type 2 to Type 1 EV Charging Cable


ItemFitting Plug Coupler230V (Single Phase)400V (Three Phase)Charging CurrentWire Cross SectionLength
15300006 Type 2 > Type 1 x   16A 2.5mm sq 5m Straight


The robust and durable charging cables are also long enough to connect your vehicle to hard-to-reach parking and charging areas. Experience our impressive charging cables first hand, with their attractive look and comfortable handling when charging your electric vehicle.

Product advantages:
  • Suitable for use with all e-vehicles with a type 1 or type 2 charging plug
  • High-quality pin plugs and couplings
  • The spiral charging cables by e+m are significantly smaller in diameter than previous cables
  • The e+m charging cables are extremely flexible
  • They are high-quality products that let you charge your electric car quickly and safely
  • Premium quality, robust, non-flammable PUR charging cable, protection rating IP44, DIN50620
  • The e+m charging cables are the best choice for anyone looking for high quality at an excellent price
  • They reflect EU production quality

Please note that the charging cable is not a extension cable and can only be used as a direct connecting cable
between the charging station and your electric vehicle. The protective caps prevent the plug from getting dirty and protect the charging contacts, while the locking system ensures a safe charging connection between the vehicle and the charging infrastructure.

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