0414720312 Diesel Injector

Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 4 Mot BMP 03.2005> Bosch Diesel Unit Injector 0414720312

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Volkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 4 Mot BMP 03.2005> Bosch Diesel Unit Injector 0414720312


Car type Common Rail Diesel PumpCar TypeVolkswagen Passat 2.0 TDI 4 Mot

Capacity in l/ccmCapacity in l/ccm 2.0

Diesel Engine Power output in KWEngine Power output in KW 103

Diesel Engine TypeEngine Type BMP

Export MarketExport Market N/A

Production DateProduction Date03.2005>

Special CasesSpecial Cases 0414720302,0414720306

Number of Diesel InjectorsNumber of Injectors4

Common Rail Injector NumberCommon Rail Injector Number 0414720312

Exchange numberExchange Number 0986441517

This Common Rail injectors is a repaired to Bosch Standards, Using state of the art Diesel test equipment, is sold on a exchange price. Interested in purchasing a Common Rail Injector outright  Call for details

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A surcharge is the initial deposit we charge for the return of your old diesel injector or pump. FULL responsibility of the return lies with whoever purchases the item. As soon as you have the old unit removed from the engine, this must be placed in a sealed bag and packed carefully in a box and well padded. Ideally you would use the packaging that the new or reconditioned fuel pump or injector was sent in. Remember a badly packaged fuel pump or injector could become damaged in transit making it unsuitable for a refund.

A full surcharge refund will be made on the condition that your old diesel fuel injector or pump is returned to us within 30 days of your new purchase, fully intact and in serviceable condition (i.e. unit must be complete with all parts attached and no physical damage to the injector or pump). Full compliance will ensure you receive your whole surcharge refund. All surcharge refunds will be paid back through the original method of payment. It is strongly advisable that any surcharge returns are sent via RECORDED DELIVERY.


1 All units returned for surcharge credit must be complete and in as removed from the engine condition with any residual fuel removed.

2 Damaged old units will result in the surcharge not being refunded.

3 All warranty work carried out by P.F Jones diesel services LTD.

4 If any seals are broken or units tampered with warranty will be void.

5 Any pump or injector returned under warranty will be fully tested, if no faults are found a re-testing fee will be charged.

6 Any pump or injector returned under warranty will be returned to you once repair is complete. Please take note of this if you are fitting a replacement unit not supplied by P.F Jones LTD.

7 P. F Jones LTD will not be held liable for any consequential costs e.g. Removing and refit, workshop charges, recovery, vehicle hire charges etc.

8 By fitting this unit you are accepting the above conditions.