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TEC3M split charge relay

Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M


USD $ 14.05

Price includes VAT

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Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M


Split charge relay

Wiring info as follows

12v Permanent fused live

0v Earth

2 Pin 2 in the 12s socket (grey)

6 Pin 6 in the 12 socket (grey)

4 Pin 4 in the 12s socket (grey)

High Output Combination Caravan Relay with automatic monitoring and switching of supply from car to caravan through double (split charge) relays.


  • Very compact but powerful efficient design, giving the largest output in the smallest package
  • Automatic monitoring of voltage and current availability from car’s alternator/battery
  • No separate signal wire necessary
  • Able to switch up to 30a continuously when available from car’s alternator/battery
  • Adjustable factory set voltage trip with narrow band hysteresis
  • Over temperature protection
  • Line voltage drop compensation
  • Low voltage drop (around 0.1v) at rated output
  • Very high quality micro miniature 30a relays
  • Fully snubbed for EMC compliance



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