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TEC3M split charge relay

Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M



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Towbar electrics Charge relay TEC3M


Split charge relay

Wiring info as follows

12v Permanent fused live

0v Earth

2 Pin 2 in the 12s socket (grey)

6 Pin 6 in the 12 socket (grey)

4 Pin 4 in the 12s socket (grey)

High Output Combination Caravan Relay with automatic monitoring and switching of supply from car to caravan through double (split charge) relays.


  • Very compact but powerful efficient design, giving the largest output in the smallest package
  • Automatic monitoring of voltage and current availability from car’s alternator/battery
  • No separate signal wire necessary
  • Able to switch up to 30a continuously when available from car’s alternator/battery
  • Adjustable factory set voltage trip with narrow band hysteresis
  • Over temperature protection
  • Line voltage drop compensation
  • Low voltage drop (around 0.1v) at rated output
  • Very high quality micro miniature 30a relays
  • Fully snubbed for EMC compliance



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Q & A

Hi, Please can you help? On the TEC3M Relay do I have to run 2 seperate fused wires from the battery to the 12v terminals. I require to charge the caravan battery and run the fridge. Regards Martin

Asked by M Lane | 17/08/2015, 21:01 | 1 answer(s)

Hi, Although the relay comes with two 12V input terminals you only need to connect to one of them even if you are charging the leisure battery and powering the fridge. Thanks.

Answered by Adam